Krem is a high-quality remedy with only the best raw materials, which are 100% in cosmetics.


Since only very fine and pure raw materials are used for this purpose, Krem offers the best protection against friction even after prolonged use.

Not only in sport you can find application for our product, but also in the leisure time and in the profession.

Suit shoes and pumps are usually very uncomfortable and rub.

Here Krem is used!

Now your favorite shoes are not only chic, but at the same time smoothly comfortable and you can easily concentrate on more important things!


  Without perfume

  Without dyes

  Without preservative substances


Perfect for application against friction,

Caused by textiles such as cotton and artificial fibers, leather, artificial leather ...

Ingredients: mineral-based substances with a high oxygen content.

KREM - 30g.

12,50 €

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