De Rosa Pistarda 2017

The Fixed world about De Rosa 

The world of fixed gear bikes could not go unnoticed by the De Rosa family. We have designed an extremely technical product, dedicated to those who visit the Criterium, whether they are hipsters or competitive athletes. We are convinced that a track bike can never be used on the road, just like a road bike can never be used on the track, but above all, a road bike cannot be turned into a fixed gear bike. This is how “Pistarda” was created, a frame with a bottom bracket which is at a track height, but with more a road-liked geometry and an aggressive nature, suitable for competition. De Rosa has used its experience in the world of racing, both on road and on track, to build a fixed frame in aluminium alloy, a material we believe to be the most suitable for this type of competition. Light, rigid, reactive. 

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