Mannschaft® German engineered cycling wear.

Mannschaft is a cycling wear brand created in 2015 by Werner Brill a venezuelan athlete and entrepreneur. Back in 2015 Werner decided to launch his own brand, a brand committed to develop perfect cycling wear.


At Mannschaft our goal is to create the best possible cycling wear, we are established in Lampertheim-Germany, where we design our products with the most attention in every detail. We apply the german engineering and combine it with an incredible design, making our products unique.




We are a brand committed to constantly improve. We are passionate about improving our products and offering solutions for the international cycling community. Since we started back in 2015, we focus on getting the best materials and creating great designs for our products. Our performance fibers for our jerseys and bib shorts, let cyclists stay cool, dry and light during hot and cold temperatures.


MANNSCHAFT ® our brand, our team.


We believe that teamwork is key for achieving greatness. Mannschaft is the german term for team, we apply this inside our company and with our customers. Join the Mannschaft and let us help you reach your next goal together.