About Werner Brill

Werner Brill is a Venezuelan, founder and owner of one of Germany's most successful sports clothing brands, selling his products in South Carolina, Barcelona, Dubai, Thailand, Florida, Los Angeles, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Lampertheim , among other cities and ... He is only 23 years old, and this is his story.


Werner was born in Acarigua, Portuguesa-Venezuela. In 2011 he arrived in Lampertheim, Germany, a town located 40 kilometers from Frankfurt. Hosted in the home of a second cousin, he trained heavily in VFL Bochum, a German elite soccer team, while at the same time he studied an intensive german language course. His football dream career was destroyed after suffering a serious injury, which prevented him from staying at the required level of performance.


As time went on, while recovering, Werner began to practice Downhill and MTB, he had a bicycle with which he made mountain routes; at that same time he managed to be contracted in a company of sports products in which began by gluing tags to more than 5,000 pairs of shoes. He also painted some houses on his own and this way he managed to sustain himself economically. After much effort, he won a position at a desk next to the designer of the company, who came from Colombia.  In three and a half years in this company Werner learned everything related to the design and logistics of selling sports products.

Parallel to the work, continued his training as an elite cyclist. By this time he used to pedal 40 kilometers a week, and one day he was able to buy a second hand road bike that was in offer. In the company for which he worked - composed of 6 people - this “llanero” entrepreneur participated in the creation of sports lines for disciplines such as Badminton, Football, Fencing, Fitness, Functional Training and Athletics in the background, which were marketed in several countries.


When he was a boy, as he spent his childhood in the Venezuelan plains, Werner set four goals: to be a soccer player, plastic surgeon, commercial pilot and build a brand related to sports. At this stage of childhood, its commercial vein was already emerging; Together with a friend they bought and sold shorts at school. Little by little he filtered his goals and redefined his life goals. He discarded the goal of becoming a soccer player, later he became disenchanted with medicine because he did not want to be in a fixed place (be it a surgery or an operating room), being a pilot was also discarded because he would always work for a company, but sport, sport was his life. Werner loved everything about it: exercise, effort, goals and challenges. Sport was his goal.


The goal now was to build a sports brand, so he wrote down a list of what he needed and started ... but he was unemployed. For two months he sought work, brought a bicycle from Venezuela but was stolen at a train station. Thanks to another Colombian friend, he got a job at “Decathlon” Central Depot in Schwetzingen, 40 km from his home. There he worked from 6am to 2pm., after that he went to work in Hollister, in the town of Ludwigshafen, 30 mins away from his house, from 3pm to 9pm. He would arrive home at 10.40 p.m. At Decathlon he carried boxes with safety shoes and a vest, carrying between 5,000 and 8,000 kilos of sports products daily. After a bath, he would run to his second job, where he would sell and fold clothes, he was also a model at the door and people would take some pictures of him.


For 10 months, Werner was eating only rice with broccoli. He would come home almost at 11pm and put the food to a boil while bathing. At that time, he slept less than 6 hours a day. After 5 months he got his first commercial representation, after he helped the owner to create a product. It was the Flyup Fitness, a product made in USA that allows to develop the physical condition of any athlete. During the nights, after arriving home, he packed the products and at dawn the next day he sent them by DHL. Thanks to this, the six hours of daily sleep were reduced to 3. Learned about marketing, logistics, quality standards, customer care, etc. Soon after, he started working as a salesman at Fahrrad XXL, where he was certified as a salesman and instructor for Bosch electric bikes. There he stayed for a year, while in parallel bought old bicycles and sold them restored. He saved the profits to register the brand and invest in his own company. He listened to the comments of the cyclists and using these opinions he gave shape to his ideas. Finally, after so much effort, in 2015 Mannschaft is born, which in German means "team". From all the knowledge he had learned, he still needed a vital topic: to manage subsidiaries. Therefore he sought work in Fitesta, a chain of supplements and sports nutrition. He planned to stay there for a year while learning, but after 4 months his boss told him he had too much talent to waste it in there. That same day he presented his resignation to the company. He traveled to China and California to get suppliers and customers. He returned home, bought a table, a chair and a shelf. From his home he began his company.


Today, Werner owns the ONLY brand in Germany that specializes in road cycling with textiles and footwear, has learned the best of German business culture and has given it a Venezuelan style. Werner believes that because he is Venezuelan, his products have a special feature that makes them unique. Our culture, our desire to succeed, to stand out, not to surrender, are present in every product. The collections have names like: Tucacas, Morrocoy, Zulia or Mérida.

To the Venezuelan entrepreneurs recommends to them to apply his motto: We do not talk, we do (we do not speak, we do). Do not be afraid to try, to fail, to try again, to do it alone, to do it with even with everything against it, to endure hunger, to stand the pain. Werner has achieved what big German brands with dozens of employees and years in the market have not been able to, thanks to a single imperative word: overcome!


Ask your customers, your friends. Ask for negative ratings, ask them to tell you what they think its wrong, value each opinion, whether good or bad and above all, help, help others. You can not get anywhere by yourself. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is easy. Werner lasted 4 years building his brand, because dreams are sought, and they never come alone to your house. Act with your heart and you will see the results.


Venezuela grows from its people.